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How might a community app foster a Nongsa Digital Park (NDP) community, so as to enable workers at NDP to conveniently access facilities and services, and easily connect to their peers?


Nongsa Digital Park (NDP) is an integrated digital park in Nongsa, Batam. It covers an area of 166 hectares and consists of coworking spaces, tech development studios and other office spaces, training facilities, residential buildings, etc.

NDP is creating a collaborative workplace for a community of skilled digital talents.  However, these workers (employed by around 100 companies in the Park) are currently not digitally connected to services and infrastructure, as well as with each other.


How might a community app foster this NDP community, so as to enable workers at NDP to conveniently access facilities and services, and easily connect to their peers?


NDP is looking for a comprehensive concierge app -- and if and where appropriate, supporting hardware like sensors, check-in devices, etc. -- that:

  • Validates the identity of the user

  • Supports employee and visitor management, such that the app replaces facility access card to control entry and exit of specific buildings like the co-working space (as an alternative, an access card could be issued and synced with the app)

  • Enables booking of facilities and services, such as the local ojeks (motorcycle taxis), food, etc.

  • Supports facility management
  • Analyses the data to produce insights, for example, real-time footfall to better control the density of people in any particular building
  • Shows the user's digital health certificates, like vaccination status
  • Demonstrates compliance to high standards of privacy and data protection

Additional Information

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of understanding the location and movements of people to help keep the communal facilities safe.  The ability to record and manage the presence of people will enable NDP to better understand the density of buildings and facilitate contact tracing, if needed.  

In addition to the app development, the selected solution provider should lead the planning of the implementation of the whole system and provide the maintenance.  

This app for work, live and play will help NDP become a thriving community.  This in turn makes the Park more attractive for companies looking to expand their tech workforce, to do business there.

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